What Glasses for my Sportsman?

Buying glasses tends to be a very personal choice but, if you are looking for a gift for someone special, they can be a great choice. If the significant other in your life is serious about sports, help them out by choosing the best sunglasses for the sport at hand. The right tint can really help when it comes to increasing visibility and could mean the difference between the shot that hits and the shot that misses.

Initially though, it can be a little confusing – after all, there are thousands of options out there. With these basic tips, however, you can narrow down the choice and make it a lot easier to dig this. http://uksportseyeware.co has just what you are looking for.

For golfers, you need to consider the tint of the lens more than anything else – there is no real need for a shatterproof lens. Sunny days are popular for playing golf but glare can make it hard to see. Getting a brown tint or grey tint is the way to go. Let the golfer in your life look at the world with rose-coloured spectacles if the weather is bad – this will improve their game.

If you and your love are ski bunnies, you will understand the need to protect the eyes from the glare of the snow – not only is it very tiring for the eyes but it is also damaging. Look for a highly polarized lens with a wrap-around frame in order to get the best visibility. Goggles are another possibility.

Cyclists need a more rugged pair of sunglasses – preferably those that are shatterproof as well. Again, wrap-around frames are a great option because they provide the most protection from debris. Look for brown tinted glassses for bright days and amber tinted glasses for those more miserable, overcast days.

If being by the water is what you both love, be sure to look for polarized lenses, in a wrap-around frame where possible. You want to cut out the glare from the water here.

If your love is constantly on the run, consider looking for glasses that are lighter in weight and that have darker lenses to cut down on glare. Should they run after or before work, consider lenses that are amber in colour to maximise the available light.

Whatever sport they love, use your common sense when choosing glasses – is there a chance that the glasses may get broken? Are they going to be knocked around, etc?